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Maps of England's Green Belts (maps 1-8)

1. Daily Telegraph
map of green belts
30 March 2013

2. Defra green
belts map

3. BBC green belts map
15 September 2011

4. BBC News - 'threat'
to green belt
24 May 2005

5. CPRE - Green Belts:
a greener future
January 2010
6. Guardian green
belts map
20 August 2012

7. CPRE - England's Green Belts
August 2015

8. North Mymms
green belts map
Maps of the Oxford Green Belt (maps 9-13)

9. Oxford City and
Green Belt
December 2017

10. Oxfordshire and
Green Belt
December 2017

11. Oxford's Green Belt Parishes

12. Broad areas of Green Belt within Oxford's administrative boundary

13. Oxford's Green Belt
Maps providing useful supplementary information (maps 14-19)
14. Defra Magic Map Application

15. CPRE - Green Belts Under Threat
August 2012

16. Oxfordshire Footpaths Rights of Way index
13 January 2011
17. Farming UK News
6 February 2012

18. Daily Telegraph map of UK Wind Farms
31 October 2012

19. National Planning Casework Unit data
2 December 2014