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The Network shall be called the Oxford Green Belt Network.


The primary object of the Network shall be to preserve the Green Belt around Oxford and to uphold the aims and purposes behind its creation. The Network will promote awareness and appreciation of its benefits through the provision of information and in other ways where there is opportunity to do so


The Network shall be non-political but shall exercise the right to comment on and where appropriate campaign against both national and local legislation and plans as they affect Green Belts in general and the Oxford Green Belt in particular.


Membership of the Oxford Green Belt Network shall be open to parish and town councils and parish meetings having all or part of their area within the Oxford Green Belt and to voluntary groups with an interest in the protection of the Green Belt.


There shall be a Steering Committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer (although some of these roles may be combined in one person) and at least three other elected members. The Steering Committee shall also have powers to co-opt members with a particular knowledge or experience, for example in agriculture or wildlife. All members of the Steering Committee shall be honorary. The role of the Steering Committee shall be to assist the Chairman as required, and to take substantial decisions affecting policy or finance where these matters have been clearly identified in the meeting agenda. A quorum for such decisions will consist of at least two Committee members plus the Chairman.


The Network shall hold an Annual General Meeting at which the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other members of the Steering Committee shall be elected. Voting shall be restricted to one delegate per organization. The Steering Committee shall meet as business requires, and business may also be conducted electronically.


Subscriptions shall be of an amount to be determined annually by the Annual General Meeting. A bank account shall be maintained by the Treasurer.

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