Oxford Green Belt Network and the South East Plan - Archived material

The South East Regional Assembly's South East Plan is available on their website.

South East Plan Proposed Changes
In July 2008, more than two years after the Assembly submitted the Plan, the Government launched a public consultation on its proposed changes. Consultation runs from 17 July to 24 October 2008. Further information is available on GOSE's website.

The Secretary of State has now published Proposed Changes to the draft Regional Spatial Strategy. The documents for consultation and all supporting documents including the Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulation Assessment are available through the consultation portal at this link.

Here we publish OGBN's response to changes to the South East Plan in chapter 22, Central Oxfordshire. The Secretary of State's proposed change numbers are given in parentheses.

We publish here documents pertaining to the South East Plan. First, OGBN's statement to the Examination in Public into the South East Plan.

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